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You Can Live, Courageous & Confident

Today and Everyday God works in your life.  You make the choice of whether you allow Him!


In this Reflections Bible Study, You can live, Courageous & Confident, a doubt ~ free Faith in God, we will explore the lives of biblical heroes who showed remarkable courage. From David's confrontation with Goliath to Esther's bravery in approaching the king to Paul's suffering for the Glory of God, each story offers invaluable lessons on what it means to be courageous in the eyes of God.


size 8.5"x11", 140 pages.

Bible Study lovingly crafted and written for women  in a unique workbook and activity format, each beautifully colored  page is to encourage and inspire your Faith in God with Hope, Courage + Strength.

You Can Live, Courageous & Confident

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