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It took me a considerable amount of time to write "When Faith and Grief Collide." During the process, I had to set it aside and take breaks numerous times over the past few years, working on several other studies in between. "You can Live Courageous and Confident" is one of those studies created during this period, where you'll notice cheerful colors scattered throughout it. When I completed "Grief" and sent it for printing, it felt like a part of me was also being sent off. This study holds deep personal significance. Upon its delivery to my doorstep, Duane and I both shed tears as we opened it and flipped through the pages.

This study truly is a labor of love.


This book is in memory of my Parents,

Timothy and Barbara Spencer

and also, my very dear friend, Donna McGary

When loss overwhelms your soul, lead your heart back to the side of the One who will never leave His own.

Deuteronomy 31:18

Your grief doesn’t disappoint God, nor does it reveal lack of faith, but rather it is one of the greatest signs of your faith as you honestly cry out to God.


I pray as God meets you in your sorrow,

you experience His deep abiding compassion.

Today and every day God works in your life.

You make the choice of whether you allow Him!

Be encouraged and inspired in your Faith with

Hope, Courage + Strength.

Reflections Bible Study

 You can live,

Confident & Courageous,

a doubt ~ free Faith in God

Read ~ Reflect ~ Respond ~Rest

Reflections Bible Studies

Wild Flower, You are loved! Reflection Bible Studies are uniquely crafted and designed to help you grow in your faith and relationship with Christ. With these studies, you will be able to delve deeper into the Word of God and discover new insights and revelations that will strengthen your faith and help you to live a life of purpose and faithfulness. Our studies are thought-provoking, challenging, and inspiring, designed to equip you to be rooted deeply in God's Word and nurture your soul.


Quiet Place Bible Study

Do you desire to enter the secret place of God, hearing His voice, and experiencing His presence?

This Bible Study is for you!

Today and every day God wants to meet with you. This Book will encourage and inspire you to listen and be still to hear God's voice.

You make the choice of whether you allow Him to speak to you.

Hello and Welcome!

A tiny yet powerful tip,
Always, Start with Prayer!

Dear Heavenly Father, 

I pray that Your Holy Spirit will give us


as we study Your Word. 

May You give us encouragement, peace, hope courage, strength and nourishment for our minds, bodies and souls,

so that we will be able to live life to the fullest, as You have created

us to do and be all that You have intended us to be.

May the grace of Jesus living within us

empower us to love as You love and forgive as You forgive.

In Jesus precious name, AMEN!!!

My heart has heard You say,"Come and talk with Me."

My whole heart responds, "Lord, I am coming!" Psalm 27:8


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